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Dating & Relationship Discussion Forum Chat about finding the right man, how to spot a flirt. Sponsor : [Post Relationship Chat Topic].

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Default Relationship advice needed..

Hi all..jus got broken up. I need some help and advice from u all. Maybe you can help me understand better. My ex & 1 , we were tgt 4 yrs ago. We built our rs quute well and love each other though we had a lot of fights( few big issues mostly. Small issues not so much.) After 2.5 yrs being tgt, he broke up wit me. Over some of the big issues,he's too stress etc. He has never treat someone so good and he is hurt,tired. Right after he broke up wit me,he went wit someone else. I was devastated, but i knew i hav to let it go. Cuz tat is part of loving him as well.5 days later, his big issue happened. He got cut off. The gal wit him left. Or smth like tat. We were in contact thru mails as i was extremely worried for him. I did move on,tried other rs but its nv the same. Failed. Den i was so sad i told him,told him after him,my heart was changed. I stilp love him. He says he love me too and would wan a 2 nd chance. He would treasure me etc. I waited for him,though my heart is nt tge same. I was a afraid i will be hurt again. After 1.5 yrs after our breakup,he settled his issue. And we were bck tgt. We talked a lot and he made a lot promises. He treated me very well, i feel so loved. But i didn't realize i became selfish,defending, still putting up a shield against him. He poured so much love to me,even when i hurt him wit my words during our fights. Den 1 day he can't take it. He says he wan space and need some time but i didn't speak nicely to him or feel him.he broke up wit mi. Only after some tike i feel the impact. I love him. So much.i grab my things but i still ask him to give us a chance. (He won't see me) we only use thru msgs. He dun wan hear my voice either.cuz i noe he is hurt. Very deeply hurt. He told me all the things and devasted he was when he was so vulnerable. My heart smashed. I regret it thoroughly. But he dun wan me back. He says he dun wan serious rs anymore.jus play girls. I was so sad and scared.after 2 days, we talk a lot(i beg him ) i hav put down my pure pride. I had never done tat b4. I asked him to forgive me ( i noe I'm the one who hurt him but i jus realised and wants to heal his heart. I noe the irony but i can't help it) . He says he will reali die in my hand if he continue. His heart can't take pain from me. So i did wat i can.i let go. Intold him i was sincerely sorry and live him so much and hope he will be happy again.without me hurting him anymore. The next day, he suddenly txt me. I was so happy and afraid. He asks whether i ate and work and slp etc. I used short replies(keepin off) so he can feel i won't bug night he suddenly txt me again.we talk and talk about stuff, wat he always like to talk to me about (eating,wat he is doin nw etc. ) after 1 hr or so he gt a bit pissed off cuz i afk(i was searchin pictures,actually pics he was still ok and even draw in the pictures to show me where he is etc. I go map to tracj etc.)den told mi go do my thing. I normally will reply say no im here etc but tis time i jus said ok n nv txt him anymore.den morning. I saw his family grpchat he was at hm( he told me he was at work.) So i ask him (i tot he lied or smth,whuch he dun need to since i wun go bother him specifically ). He said after our chat he decided to go hm cuz he was tired. (His job is super tedious) but he was very pissed off. And finally at night i saw his watsapp change pic.he and a girl. I was in shock, heart shuddered. I asked him if tat was his new girl.he says yes. I was so sad and begged him y so fast. He told me to fk off. He said he is too hurt by me,and only after i lost him den i realised.i tried calling him but he block me. So i took another num and called.he rejected. But he called bck. He says after all this wat do i wan? I said i wan forgiveness, i will reali treasure him tis time. But he dun wan anymore. I was pleading, den he said,u still wan to be selfish? I was struck. He was right. I realized tat i should let him go. I told him to be happy,im sorry for all tat happen and i love him truly and hope he can have his happiness with other ppl. And hung up.i had hurt him so bad, i wan to noe wat happened when a man is so hurt? He took another gal so quickly. He told me all he feels now is anger. Anger why after all he sacrifice den after he was so damn thrashed den i realized. I wan to noe when a man closes up like this,so hurt,how to heal him? Make him be happy again. To love trust in love again? Wat is a man thinking right now in these situations? I reali live him so much. I noe he can find other gals but he is so hurt. How to heal and make him feel better? Ease his pain and anger.even if he doesn't wan to be wit me again. Of cuz part of me is selfish,i did wan him bck. But i noe tat is nt truly loving him. But i wan to be better, to learn to be the right one instead of demanding the right man. So in future if there is fate i can help him wit his life. Financial wise,support etc. I reali love him and will sacrifice to make him happy least he wun feel anger from our rs, dun trust love anymore etc. I wan to wait for him. Till the end. Can any guys help me? Enlighten me please...thanks all. Sorry for such a long post.
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